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Today sees the addition of a this new section within our magazine and will be dedicated to looking at local musicians and others in a little more detail and hopefully bring attention to some of their hidden talents. 

Please meet, Mr Steve Parry ... 

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To see what's coming up locally, who's doing what. 

Live Reviews

Album Reviews

Jonathan Harwood's Hoohah Conspiracy - Psychoacusis

Psychoacucsis was released on May 25, 2019. Jonathan Harwood's masterfully written, produced and executed album is choc-a-block with great songs and character witness. Click the image to read our review. 

Krimzon Outings


Krimzon Radio

Frank Gambale's Chop Builder is essential. 

From beginner right to very advanced players, Frank's instructional videos and TAB are epic. 


As the old saying goes,  "No pain, no gain" so if you think you've got what it takes to complete all 12 rounds of Frank's warm ups, "Come on if you're hard enough". Good luck and keep trying ...