Here Casino - "Lucky Shouldn't Do"

A powerful debut single by a powerful new band  

A review by Tony Krimzon

Here Casino 

Stiggy Dalziel - Guitar/Vox Tom Jones - Bass/Vox,

Joe Goodman - Drums/percussion, Bobby Brazier - Guitar

Here Casino are a new 4-piece indie-rock band and are releasing their debut single, "Lucky Shouldn't Do" , on 21st September. Inspired by the plight of a local homeless person, forced to offend in order to get a bed for the night, this, their first release, is a fine tribute to their sense of social awareness. 

I asked Stiggy about their musical influences. "Well it's different for everyone really! Me and Bobby both love The Beatles even though you wouldn't hear it in our sound but we all pretty much listen to the same stuff like Oasis, The Stranglers, Slaves, Foo Fighters, Arctic Monkeys, Catfish & The Bottlemen". 

Here Casino certainly have captured the energy of the Foo Fighters on this recording which also shares a style similarity with Rival Bones, Scar.                      Click the picture to hear a preview

Solid drumming and thumping bass underpin a richly over-driven rhythm guitar and together, they provide a hard edged and powerful backdrop for the lead guitar's excellent opening hook. Slightly mixed back vocals with grunge-mucky "lo-fi" effect gives authenticity to the subject matter and drives home the point of the song, being "lucky shouldn't do".

Several more nicely arranged and performed lead guitar parts counter-balance the main vocals and are catchy hooks in their own right. Lovely harmonies accompany the middle-eight vocal "Stuck in here but I'm living a lie"

This is a well-constructed song, written by Stiggy and Bobby, produced by Ryan Pinson and recorded at RML Studios in Wolverhampton. Stiggy tells me that they are back in the studio in November to record another single. If it's anything like this, I eagerly await. In the meantime, I'm just going to have another listen and turn up the volume.