Jonathan Markwood's Hoohah Conspiracy


The first thing to acknowledge is that the Hoohah Conspiracy is Jonathan Markwood, and in Psychoacusis he has produced and presented us with a very enjoyable album of ten songs. Each unique in it's own way and jolts memory to recall great songwriters and producers of a previous era.

Lyrically strong, intelligently arranged and solidly performed, this album will have listeners returning again and again. 

From the opening few bars it is apparent Markwood had very definite ideas for what he wanted to say and hear, and then set about to record them. Instrumentation and arrangements are spot on for the story behind each song and thoughtfully match the characters portrayed.  

If you are a fan of Bowie or Talking Heads or Peter Gabriel, 10cc or George Martin's work with the Beatles, then this album will be the perfect addition to your collection.
The opening track, "The President" is adorned with funky guitar, superb vocal harmonies, horns and a cool middle 8 that has just enough of a change from the verse and the chorus to set the stage for the rest of the song to grow and keep growing to hectic cacophony aka "I Am The Walrus".  
Track after track of catchy tunes, all of such a high standard that it's hard to suggest any one to be better than the others but, "Nicky Narcissus", perhaps because of it's superb guitar break, perhaps because Markwood describes some people perfectly, is on repeat play. 

At last, an album that has me singing along to vocals that I don't need lyric sheets to hear or understand, that has me bopping my head to the boppy bits and wanting to shake Jonathan Markwood's hand in gratitude for his ingenuity, originality and excellence. 

Check out Jonathon's previous albums too, they are equally superb !!

Available for purchase and download from iTunes. Click here