Rainbreakers live at Albert's Shed

"With Conviction and Energy" a short live review by Tony Krimzon

Rainbreakers debuted their album, Face to Face, at Shrewsbury's Albert's Shed on Saturday 20th October to a widely appreciative audience. 

There is something about an aggressive live band that stirs the blood, gets toes tapping and bodies dancing. These lads have plenty of that. They are well rehearsed and the set moved effortlessly from song to song, from start to finish.

As per the album, all the playing is very keen and on point.

Special mention to Callum Jones of Pro Audio Services who had the band sounding as good as I've heard yet in Albert's, (not the easiest place to get good sound in), he did well. 

Lead vocals were strong and on pitch, (which these days almost seems to be a rarety), although there were occasions when it was difficult to hear the voice clearly. I say "voice" because even though there were microphones in front of 3 band members, only one voice was ever audible. Having listened to their amazing debut album several times, the lack of harmony voices was a just a little disappointing.

I must remind myself that this is a live review and not compare the two however, I do think that, considering the simplicity of the keyboard parts played on the album, it would have significantly enhanced the live performance and experience (for me) had there been a keyboard onstage.

I like this band and I like this band a lot. They sound fantastic on CD and they sound great live.

They play their style with conviction and energy and I am convinced that they have a solid future ahead of them.

photos by Gwen Moon