Farmer Phil's

A review by Tony Krimzon, edited by Gwen Moon


Tucked away in a valley south of Shrewsbury in Shropshire, a normally

 tranquil  landscape provides a stunning backdrop to what is arguably the 

county's best annual music festival .


Farmer Phil sez "Geddon moi land"

Farmer Phil and daughter, Jessica

Twenty years ago, Farmer Phil decided to have a party. A big party. People came and brought friends. The following year, they all came back for another party, and they brought more friends. And so it continued. This year, the 20th anniversary year, Farmer Phil and his daughter, Jessica threw a REALLY BIG PARTY with a multitude of friends from all over the world. 

One of the original performers from all those years ago, told me that when he arrived, the stage was little more than a handful of pallets and a trailing socket. Having picked his jaw up from the floor, he then set about helping to build the first stage. A task that took a mere five hours. His reward? An offer by the ever magnanimous, Phil, to play for double his allotted time slot ... 

Now there are three stages, various other performance and entertainment areas, mobile food wagons and stalls creating artworks and providing either essentials or festival must-haves ... and that first performer? He still performs there, hasn't missed a year, probably ...  and that's how it is. 

Farmer Phil's is a massive family friendly party complete with quality entertainment,
tasteful music selections, fine beer and whacky festival themes!

Phil, "Off the record, I just love music and love to see people having a good time!"


Sound dudes


An event this size takes a substantial amount of organising and there are many who give their time and energy to help make this a welcoming occasion. Not just the greeting stewards or the immediately noticeable staff but those that help keep areas safe, clean and tidy and are working whilst most of the campsite is still asleep. To their credit, even though some had been on duty for many hour and were noticeably weary, they kept cool heads and smiles on their faces.  

The stage, sound, lighting and technical crew were of the highest calibre and we were wowed by the excellence of the sound and sights that echoed and flashed throughout the valley. 

Amentites were plentiful and sporadic. I liked how the relevant doors were held closed with bungee strap and hook. Charming. Despite the festivals unfortunate weather conditions, (although at times the sun shone and we were blessed with three beautiful foggy hillside views upon waking) the gentle folk of Farmer Phil's, the hardened new age gutter punks and the suburbanites were not discouraged! There are happy people everywhere! 

Twenty years on, the festival has established a well respected name and despite recent controversy cultivated via social media, Phils unrelenting passion and determination to nurture and retain the Farmer Phil's tradition will always prevail. 

Dogs and kids are warmly welcomed, in fact, this years festival must have seen the largest number of our furry friends, since the beginning of its time.

Caffe Milo

Gwen Moon

Estelle, Caffe Milo

Double unicorns

Funky duo

Rainbow triplets

The theme for this years festival was UNICORNS and there were plenty of revellers young and old who enjoyed the opportunity to dress in colourful fantasy. The Panic Circus was a favourite place for many of the younger festvites, where juggling, hooping and other activities entertained throughout . 

Rainbows abound

Panic Circus

Allez hoop

Now, that's a unicorn

Purple pixie person

No signal, D'oh

Beer !

Your carriage awaits, babe

Beard !

Smiley trio

Of course as well as a variety of food outlets selling festival favourites the beer tent was a centre of activity, conversation and a welcome resting place for fatigued partiers. 

The dog n his master(s)

Twirley rainbow

Double twirls

Flamingo tango

For those wanting a little more sophistication, The Flamigo cocktail lounge provided deluxe alternatives to the great beers and ciders on offer in the beer tent.

Pink Flamingo


Glow Dancer

Big Joe Bone

Red tent trio


Prodigy 2


Fight The Bear

Big Feat

Saint Loe

Baba Jack

Dan Owen


Hymn For Her

Big Joe Bone

Jilted Generation

Jilted Generation