Piano Steve

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Quietly unassuming, thoughtful and dedicated beyond the capacity of most of us, pianist Steve Parry is not an unfamiliar face about out town. He has played with various local bands/performers for many years. Some might know of him as ex-manager of Salop Music Centre, some through his recent outings with Mickey Dobbins and Crump. Others might have had the pleasure of hearing him play at a wedding. There is so much more to this gentlemanly fellow and it is a great pleasure to be able to introduce you to some of his own compositions. 

We will be making efforts to have Steve's talents and skills more widely recognized and we'd like to thank Steve for allowing us at the Krimzon Collective to be (near as dammit) the first people to have heard his amazing collection.

His works cover a wide variety of styles from film and TV theme, Romantic era classical, through blues and jazz and into more modern liquid styles, house, rave and beyond. Having been secreted away in his "cupboard" for years, Steve feels that the time is right to allow them to come into the daylight. We are grateful for the opportunity to be able to present such excellent music.