Vojta Violinist 

at Farmer Phil's

A Live Review And Interview by Gwen Moon.

Photo by Gwen Moon Photography

Upon an intelligent use of ancient instrumentation, including a violin that dates back 130 years, the enchanting didgeridoo and the cajon, although not so ancient in the modern western culture, this curious percussive instrument dates back to the 16th century and beyond. Adding to this performance, Vojta also uses the bouzouki, Bansouri flute and Djembe drum for added tone with an occasional touch of a splash cymbal at convenient moments. This amalgamation of ethereal earth song sounds and rhythm repetitions, are handled in synchronous using a digital looper, resulting in a sound that is dynamic and progressive.

As Saturday evening approaches, the woodland stage warmly welcomes Vojta Violinist on to the stage. Whilst his celestial persona arouses intrigue and curiosity among his audience, Vojta sits with a dignified and commanding stage presence, begins ‘To The Song of the Mountain Forest’. Whilst appreciating those drone sounds that drives and moves the rhythm and melody with a raw and evolving energy, it is apparent that Vojta achieves this sound by utilising an octave divider to obtain lower registers of the violin, bouzouki and of course the meditative hum that is the didgeridoo. As the song flows, I find myself temporarily ascending to a higher, enlivened state of existence. As I glance into the audience during many magical moments throughout the set, there are people moving and swaying, foot stomping or simply appreciating with smiles. 

Additionally, Vojta tunes his instruments to 432hz, a frequency that has a profound effect on human consciousness compared with standardised tunings. 432hz is natures divine tuning and brings a natural resonance within us when it is heard. Thus, it is not surprising that Vojtas music transcends and heals both individually as well as collectively. Vojtas audience response is proof positive of this glorious phenomenon.

After speaking to a number of the festival participants, Vojta violinist is evidently one of the most impressionistic ‘performers’ of the weekend. A definite highlight of Farmer Phils festival 2018! beautiful.

An interview with Vojta

Photo by Gwen Moon Photography

You use a variety of different instruments to create your sound, do you draw inspiration from the natural world or do you draw from other cultures ?

"The inspiration is everywhere. I don't use particular kind of inspiration like cultures etc. but usually I just jam and I use just what comes out from my heart and feels good. It's different every time, depends on the place and circumstances so I guess it could be natural world and cultures what I feel in the air and place. I believe the songs are given to us by our ancestors from the spirit world and than we could be open at any time and place to those song. Its like our ancestors sing through us"

I'm interested to know what your musical influences are, and this does not have to be other musical works. What moves you and where does this come from?

"I am just being myself, I think there is an influence from Celtic music and music of different tribes around the world. I dont know many Celtic songs but its something I feel connected to and its naturally comes out when I play. I guess the place is called heart"

The violin seems to be your main melodic instrument. You seem the most connected with this instrument within your performances. Are you by any chance classically trained or is your tuition casual?

"Yes I am classically trained. I started when I was a kid and visited music teachers, but than I stopped my every day practise for a few years and started again 4 years ago when I came to New Zealand for travelling. Sometimes I thought where I could be technically if I
kept playing that time but I realised I need to forget those squares and rules to find my own style and creation"

There is a lot of scope for impressionistic improvisation. Do you have a preferred mode that expresses emotion best for you and why? 

"I dont have the preferred mode, its always different"

Do you consciously use particular tunings that may enhance those audience reactions? and if not, what are your motives for performing for audiences and how does it make you feel?

 "I use different tuning. It's where the concert "A" is tuned to 432Hz. Its only almost quarter of tone lower than standard tuning but feels better and my violin sounds much nicer. Maybe because its been made long time ago for this frequency. You say people are transfixed. I think because I play from my heart and I am having so much fun and feeling gratitude to everybody and than they feel it too"

He adds, "This summer tour is going from June till end of August, but I am on the tour all the time actually... Its so much going on every day so I cant really tell the best story at the moment, but summer solstice at the Stonehenge was very profound experience for me... "

Vojta at Farmer Phil's

Videography by Tony Krimzon

More of Vojta's work can be found via YouTube or his Facebook page for tour dates and more in the link below. Enjoy! 

Courtesy of Farmer Phils Festival 2018. /http://www.facebook.com/farmerphilsfestival/

 Copyrite Gwen Moon August 2018.